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Thank you to everyone who participated in our events. We can say that with your help we were able to send 3 kids to camp with no expenses to them or their family in the year 2015!

Have an idea for an event for your non-profit but need help organizing, connections, or a platform to sell tickets? Message us for more details on how we can help you get your next event up and running.


What We Do

Simply put, we set up and promote social gathering events. We have held a handful of bar crawls, but we are broadening our events to include a wine tasting event, a craft beer event, 5k and 10k runs, motorcycle run, singles events, group skydiving, etc.

Partnership Revenue Sharing

We count the charity as a partner. We share a portion of the profits with the partnering charity for the given event. We are a for-profit corporation that wants to give back to our community. By partnering with us for an event your charity has the opportunity to share in the successes of Long Island Social Events for the event.

Additional Charity Revenue

At the event, we welcome the charity to raise additional donations through various resources. The partner can host raffles, and donations by walking through the crowd and selling raffle tickets and collecting donations. The partner may also be allowed to host a coat check where the venue allows it. Maybe the partner could host a shuttle service from the train station to the venue for additional donations. You may have some other ideas that you want to bring to the table, which is fine with us. These proceeds would be 100% for the charity.

Charity Responsibility

We ask our charity partner to help promote the event through their social media and possibly email database. We can provide the content for you to share, and you can make any amendments you need to. In certain cases we would also ask for them to provide volunteers to help the event run smoothly. We can give those volunteers direction as to how they can help, but typical responsibilities include handing out flyers, tickets etc., corralling participants, providing directions, serving food and/or drinks, and selling raffle tickets or collecting donations for your charity.


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